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Tag: Targeted Attacks

When I think about all of the people involved in managing risk and making security decisions in an organization these days, the guy who may now have the toughest role is the CFO. For the rest of us, investing in security technology looks like it should be a relatively easy decision: “Yes, we must have it.” But the… Read more

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Tags: targeted attacks, threat intelligence, unified security management

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Together with our partner, Kaspersky, we’re releasing a whitepaper on the “indicators of compromise” that can be useful to detect and mitigate the threats from Red October. It contains indicators to detect most of the Red October activity in your systems and networks. Inside the whitepaper you will find snort rules as well as an OpenIOC file that you… Read more

Posted in: Attacks, Malware, Exploits, APT
Tags: targeted attacks, red october, cyberespionage

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A couple of days ago, Adobe issued a security update for Adobe Flash Player that has been detected in the wild targeting specific objectives. Several spear phishing campaigns have been detected. The mails sent contain a Word document attachment. It contains a reference to a Flash file that is downloaded from a remote server once the document is opened. This… Read more

Posted in: Attacks, Malware, Exploits, APT
Tags: apt, targeted attacks, cve-2012-0779

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As our friends at TrendMicro reported a couple of days ago that CVE-2012-0158 is being actively used on different spearphishing campaigns mainly against NGO’s and Tibet related organizations. The vulnerability used was patched by Microsoft a week ago: The (1) ListView, (2) ListView2, (3) TreeView, and (4) TreeView2 ActiveX controls in MSCOMCTL.OCX in the Common Controls in Microsoft Office 2003 SP3, 2007 SP2… Read more

Posted in: Attacks, Malware, APT
Tags: malware, cve-2012-0158, tibet, targeted attacks

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