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Category: Vulnerability Management

Posted in Blog: Labs Blog

DESCRIPTION: There is a problem with the HTTP client implementation on Cisco IOS. If an administrator loads an application service via these commands: router#config Configuring from terminal, memory, or network [terminal]? Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. router(config)#application router(config-app)#service name http://ip_address/ router(config-app-param)#end and the HTTP server responds… Read more

Posted in: Vulnerability Management, Blog, Advisory
Tags: cisco, vulnerability, ios, advisory

Posted in Blog: Labs Blog

A 0-day exploit in Microsoft IIS 5/6 FTP was recently published on Milw0rm while HDMoore is porting the bug to Metasploit. Alienvault’s feed customers are protected with the directive released today: 45046 :AV Possible 0day IIS FTP Exploit against DST_IP UPDATE: We have previously coverage with two directives present on Alienvault Professional… Read more

Posted in: Alienvault OSSIM, Attacks, Vulnerability Management
Tags: ossim, 0day, directives, microsoft iis ftp, iis, internet information server

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Microsoft has released an advisory related to Office Web Components Activex. The ISC has raised the Infocon to yellow due to the active exploitation of the vulnerability from several .cn domains. Alienvault’s feed customers are protected and covered with these directives: 45050: AV Possible Malicious Server exploiting Excel ActiveX Client against DST_IP (CVE-2009-1136) 45051: AV Possible Excel ActiveX Client… Read more

Posted in: Alienvault OSSIM, Attacks, Vulnerability Management, Exploits
Tags: ossim, snort, feed, infocon, excel vulnerability, isc

Posted in Blog: Labs Blog

Microsoft has just added a new index to new security bulletins to provide additional information about the potential exploitability of vulnerabilities associated with a Microsoft security update. The index classify each vulnerability with the Exploitability Index Assessment that indicate the likelihood of functioning exploit code, the three possible values are: - 1 Consistent exploit code likely - 2 Inconsistent exploit code likely … Read more

Posted in: Vulnerability Management
Tags: microsoft, exploitability index, vulnerabilities