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Open Minds Exchange

Welcome to the AlienVault Open Minds Exchange™!

Alien Vault believes in the power of openness in every way. Our Unified Security Management platform uses best-in-breed open source tools to deliver an out-of-the-box and into-your-network solution quickly and affordably. Our Open Threat Exchange (OTX) is literally an "open" call for 24/7 threat intelligence from a dedicated global group of practitioners who are on the front lines. And this – our Open Minds Exchange – is where we will provide you with easy access to the insights, opinions and provocations of the experts from AlienVault and in our extended family.

AlienVault iTunes Apps

The following two apps are available on iTunes:

AlienVault Mobile Console

AlienVault Mobile Console
If you are an OSSIM or AlienVault Unified Security Management platform user, download this app and enjoy mobile access to your AlienVault management console.

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AlienVault OTX

AlienVault OTX
Download this app and benefit from real-time tracking of malicious IP addresses and domain actors being collected by AlienVault's Open Threat Exchange.

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Download and use these interesting info graphics on security-related topics of interest.

Threat Reports

Summary and analysis on some of the latest threat discoveries made in our Lab.

AlienVault Labs Blog

Zero-Days, PlugX RAT, Sykipot, Flame… go to the Labs blog for late-breaking intelligence on the latest threats.

Open Threat Exchange – OTX

AlienVault’s OTX is the largest community-sourced information security threat intelligence feed and database. Contribute to the exchange, or just download and use some of the free tools available for tracking malicious IPs:


OSSIM is the de facto standard open source SIEM created by AlienVault.

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