It’s Only A Hacker If It’s Linus Himself

December 12, 2017 | Laureen Hudson
November 3, 2017 | Javvad Malik

Things I Hearted this Week – 3rd November 2017

It’s been another busy, interesting, and confusing week in the world of security and technology – so let’s just get down to it.50k Aussie government and banks staff records breachedThe personal details of more than 4,000 government employees have been exposed in a massive data breach of 50,000 staff records from various companies across Australia. It…

November 1, 2017 | Kim Crawley

Explain How SSH Works to Me

SSH, otherwise known as Secure Shell, is a common TCP internet protocol that can be used to securely connect a computer to an outside computer or network. The physical locations of the computers on both ends of an SSH connection don't matter provided that the computers are connected to the accessible network and have SSH set up properly.…

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October 31, 2017 | Jason Hill

Do I Need a Penetration Test?

When most people think of a security breach they think of some pimply faced teenaged genius sitting in a dark basement furiously hacking away at their infrastructure trying to gain access.  Often, they will turn to a security vendor to test for this very scenario, this test is known as a penetration test.  I cannot tell you how…

October 27, 2017 | Javvad Malik

Things I Hearted This Week – 27th October 2017

The role of marketing in cybersecurityThis is from an interview with Theresa Payton, former CIO of the White House, who offers interesting comments and observations around the role of marketing and why CMOs need to work closer with CISOs:My pushback has been for some time that this is a wake-up call for the security side. The…

October 25, 2017 | Kim Crawley

Explain How a Web Application Firewall Works

Websites, web applications, and web servers are prime cyber-attack targets. Some of the most common types of attacks on web servers include SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and DDoS attacks. So how can you defend against these? There are two main approaches that can help: developing applications to make them more resistant to attacks, and protecting applications using…

October 24, 2017 | Irfan Shakeel

Achieving Online Anonymity Using Tails OS

Achieving anonymity while browsing the internet is the main concern for many people; everybody wants to make their communications secure and private. However, few in the world have really achieved this objective and many are still facing difficulties and trying different techniques to achieve online privacy.The InfoSec community has produced various tools and techniques that utilize the TOR network…

October 23, 2017 | Ryan Leatherbury

Best Advice for a Career in Cyber Security

According to a study by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, by 2022, there will be a shortage of 1.8 million information security workers.So, it is no mystery why leading innovation expert Alec Ross, in his book Industries of the Future, described cyber security as one of the five fields that will most shape our economic future.But if…

October 20, 2017 | Javvad Malik

Things I Hearted this Week 20th October 2017

Another week has passed, and more things continue to catch our attention. So lets just jump right inChild safety smartwatchesWhen you’re marketing a ‘smart’ device as a safety device, you better be sure you can secure it.But it appears that manufacturers of child safety smartwatches didn’t get the memo. The fact…

October 19, 2017 | Chris Doman

ARP Spoofing Used to Insert Malicious Adverts

Recently we came across a new variant of the malware ServStart. ServStart is primarily used by attackers located in China, in a mix of targeted and opportunistic attacks. The attackers are hosting the ServStart malware on a file server that is open for anyone to view.The open file server at http://222.186.11[.]182:9999The Rar ArchiveOne of the…

October 18, 2017 | Jeff Olen

Streamline Incident Response with USM Anywhere and Jira

The recent data breach at Equifax is the latest cautionary tale for what can happen when the response to a threat lags behind the initial detection. The vulnerability that ultimately led to the breach was correctly identified, but the delay in patching the affected systems created a window of opportunity for attackers to exploit it.On this front, Equifax is…

October 17, 2017 | Jake Mosher

Newly Discovered Iranian APT Group Brings State-sponsored Cyber Espionage into Focus

State-sponsored cyber espionage has been rising steadily in recent years. Whether it’s high-profile attacks such as North Korea’s hack of Sony in 2014, China’s alleged hack of the US’s Office of Personnel Management in 2015, or Russia’s alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016, the stories are mounting. Iran has also…

October 16, 2017 | Kate Brew

SpiceWorld 2017!

SpiceWorld was held last week. For those unfamiliar, it is Spiceworks' yearly conference for IT pros held in Austin every year. Here's the mob scene at the AlienVault booth at the opening Happy Hour on the exhibit floor.Garrett Gross, Director, Field Enablement at AlienVault, spoke on Tuesday about Open Source Tools. It was a standing room only…

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