Anne Chow

Anne Chow

As President - National Business, Anne Chow leads over 12,000 business professionals who support 95 percent of AT&T’s business customers nationwide. Across numerous AT&T Business segments, she oversees customer experience, management of direct and indirect sales channels, call center support, and DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS. She also owns the P&L for the small and medium-sized business market which includes all of AT&T's B2B services including wireless, networking, and application solutions, covering over $13B in revenues.

December 4, 2018 | Anne Chow

Is Cybersecurity Insurance on Your Holiday Shopping List?

Three simple steps to protecting your small business Continued news reports of large-scale data breaches and the steady increase of cyber fraud like spam calls, identity fraud and unauthorized account access should be enough to scare anyone. So-called nation-state hackers attempting to infiltrate government entities and universities, massive data breaches, and new Ransomware threats are constantly in the headlines. So…

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