Benjamin Caudill

Benjamin Caudill


Benjamin Caudill is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Rhino Security Labs, a penetration testing and managed security firm headquartered in Seattle, WA. As a security professional, Benjamin has seen a wide range of security environments, with clients ranging from mobile startups to government agencies and Fortune 500’s. He’s been published in Wired Magazine, CNN, Forbes and presented at security conferences such as Defcon.
March 31, 2016 | Benjamin Caudill

PowerWare “Fileless Infection” Deepens Ransomware Conundrum for Healthcare Providers

Introduction to Ransomware The recent wave of ransomware attacks on healthcare institutions is not only raising questions about contingency planning, but also about whether healthcare is becoming the “go-to” target for cyber extortionists looking to make quick money. Just last week alone, there were three new ransomware attacks on mid-size hospitals and - according to the Department of…

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