Charles Humphrey

Charles Humphrey

Charles Humphrey is an IT Security professional and constant student. Currently finishing his bachelor's degree in cybersecurity, he already works in the field as a newly minted malware analyst, he also works towards tuning the security controls in use to ensure that events and incidents that come up are resolved quickly. Charles has the GREM, CISSP, GCCC, and GCIH certifications, but is constantly learning new things. Just because you have a certification doesn't mean that you know the field, that requires constant use and learning.

February 7, 2019 | Charles Humphrey

Malware Analysis Tools for Threat Hunting

If you're not into Wireshark, procmon and Windows Sysinternals you might be in the wrong place 😊  Malware analysis allows the analyst to see what actions are taken and allows us to use those actions to build a profile that can be used to detect and block further infections and find related infections.  We…

September 24, 2018 | Charles Humphrey

Alert Fatigue and Tuning for Security Analysts

Alert fatigue is a real problem in IT Security.  This can set in at the worst time, when an analyst checks their tools and sees yet another event, or even another 50-100 events, after they just checked. They click through events looking for the smallest reason they can find to dismiss the event so they won’t need…

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