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Author: Cheryl Biswas

There was a time when the IT security lords ruled. Mere mortals only had whatever devices and access they were issued. Companies had “standards” and if you wanted something it had to exist on the approved equipment list. But decisions took time and the lines of business didn’t always get the answer they wanted. Regulating tech… Read more

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My colleague and I had just had a terrific meeting with our contact at TechSoup.  If you aren’t familiar with Tech Soup, they’re a great organization who helps non-profits worldwide obtain discounted, current versions of software, along with hardware and other tech needs.  They got their start redistributing old software to charities in Silicon… Read more


After the massive breaches and attacks of last year, everyone has become far more aware of their vulnerability to being hacked. Security has taken on new meaning as people start putting defensive measures in place. Yet for many, especially those in the Non-Profit sector, this still seems a daunting task due to the perceived costs and skills required to know… Read more

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