Christopher Black

Christopher Black

Security Researcher

I am a security researcher at Cybereason in Boston, Massachusetts. I previously have been involved in signal analysis, dispatch system programming/implementation, and providing technical services for an MSP. I spend a great amount of time working on radio related projects as I am an avid HAM as well as hardware hacking, lockpicking, physical security, and reverse engineering. I love sharing stories and meeting new people to work on projects with. I can be reached on twitter @Serialgeist.

August 24, 2017 | Christopher Black

Why Is There Lockpicking at Practically All InfoSec Conferences?

Every year thousands of eager minds flock to the many InfoSec conferences or meet-ups across the globe only to stumble across a lockpicking station. This raises the question, “Why are they facilitating lockpicking at information security events?” The answer is actually quite simple. InfoSec practitioners and hobbyists share an extremely deep bond in that they are constantly forcing…

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