Author: Clare Nelson

March 24, 2015 | Clare Nelson

Is Your Multi-Factor Authentication Solution the Real Thing?

In infosec, multi-factor authentication is often considered a positive, constructive element of layered security. However, some people have an oversimplified view. With multi-factor authentication, there are many nuances to consider. At BSides Austin I presented on this topic. When shopping for a multi-factor authentication solution, what should you look for? There are over 200 multi-factor authentication vendors, how do you evaluate…

December 23, 2014 | Clare Nelson

Are Information Security Certifications Worthwhile? Part 2

If you determine that information security certifications will help your career, which ones should you take? What is the right order? In Part 1, I introduced this topic. In Part 2, I suggest you do some research and sleuthing before embarking on a certification exercise. Information security certifications span many categories including general, technical, or audit/risk-oriented. TechTarget’s IT Security…

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December 9, 2014 | Clare Nelson

Are Information Security Certifications Worth Your Time?

Career navigation in the information security industry is tricky. The industry is fairly young, and it moves at a breakneck pace. Job requirements have become more specialized and lofty, often without commensurate compensation. Moreover, while there are several legitimate information security certifications, there are also organizations that sell certifications or training, sometimes with lesser quality. This post will explore information…

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