Grant Foster

Grant Foster

Grant Foster has been enamoured with technology ever since he got his hands on a Mac Plus and just couldn't stop making things in HyperCard. His first official foray into the exciting world of enterprise IT was, ironically, reverse engineering key generator software for which the documentation had disappeared or was never written for. After that, the mysterious and exciting world of SCADA and HMI development beckoned, with the equally mysterious and exciting world of security always in the back of his mind. Even though memorizing HRESULT codes never lost its appeal, after .NET 3.0 dropped Grant couldn't help but dive head first into WPF, and became quite good at showing people the world beyond WinForms. Most recently Grant has moved into security and architecture on a wide breadth of projects, from n-Layer web applications to virtualized solutions of all flavours. Grant also likes talking, and hopes you will enjoy listening to him talk about a variety of subjects related to privacy and security on his upcoming podcast.

January 9, 2017 | Grant Foster

Privacy, Virtually Speaking

Privacy is something everyone should be concerned about, regardless of your political affiliation or threat model / perceived level of risk. Whether a malicious actor is foreign or domestic, they generally want to know as much about you as possible, and aren’t very likely to ask your permission first. It would be great if common security measures could protect…

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