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Jaime Blasco

Vice President and Chief Scientist

Jaime Blasco is a renowned Security Researcher with broad experience in network security, malware analysis and incident response. At AlienVault, Jaime leads the Lab Intelligence and Research team that leads the charge of researching and integrating threat intelligence into detection mechanisms. Prior to working at AlienVault he founded a couple of startups (Eazel, Aitsec) working on web application security, source code analysis and incident response. He is based in San Francisco. Jaime’s work in emerging threats and targeted attacks is frequently cited in international publications such as New York Times, BBC, Washington Post and Al Jazeera.


Jaime Blasco
Posted in Blog: Labs

Yesterday, many people received an e-mail from someone they knew and trusted asking them to open a "Google Doc.” The email looked, felt, and smelled like the real thing—an email that Google normally sends whenever a share request is made. However, the email contained a button that mimicked a link to open a document in Google Docs.… Read more

Tags: cloud security, oauth

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Last week a new vulnerability affecting Apache Struts was reported (CVE-2017-5638) that affects the Apache Struts Jakarta Multipart parser. The vulnerability allows an unauthenticated attacker to execute code in the affected system by creating a specially crafted Content-Type HTTP header.Starting last Thursday (March 9, 2017), we have seen a high number of attackers trying to exploit this vulnerability. Different payloads… Read more

Tags: otx, usm anywhere, usm appliance, apache struts, cve-2017-5638

This is the first in a series of blogs dedicated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) security monitoring and best practices.AWS Security Best PracticesAs more and more organizations of all sizes are moving applications and workloads to the public cloud, it is critical to understand the security challenges of the cloud in general, and AWS in particular. IT environments… Read more

Tags: aws shared security model, aws

Posted in Blog: Labs

Today, a coordinated coalition involving AlienVault and several other security companies led by Novetta is announcing Operation BlockBuster. This industry initiative was created to share information and potentially disrupt the infrastructure and tools from an actor named the Lazarus Group. The Lazarus Group has been responsible for several operations since at least 2009, including the attack that affected Sony Pictures Entertainment… Read more


The threat landscape is constantly evolving and it is even more of a challenge for organizations, especially those in the mid-market, to detect where the true threats lie without tapping into a broader and often already stretched IT Budget. To help solve this problem, AlienVault developed a free platform called Open Threat Exchange (OTX) to help organizations gain greater visibility… Read more

Tags: otx, threat sharing, threat intellligence, social sharing

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