Matt Kimpel

Matt Kimpel

Matt Kimpel is the Director of IT Engineering at Magna5, his trade is network security. Magna5 is a certified AlienVault Partner and offers a full suite of managed security services from their 24/7/365 fully staffed Operations Center in Pittsburgh. Their services include managed detection and response, vulnerability scanning, patch management, firewall and IPS management, and data backup and disaster recovery. Check his company out at

March 27, 2018 | Matt Kimpel

Tales from the SOC: The Simulated Attack

Introduction In today’s world, understanding threats and how to avoid them are critical to a business’s success. Last year, we saw an evolution in malware and attacks. Ransomwares like WannaCry made their debut; featuring worm-like attributes that allowed ransomware to self-propagate through a network, exploiting vulnerable machines and continuing the damage. We started to see attackers…

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