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Michelangelo Sidagni

Chief Technology Officer

Michelangelo Sidagni serves as Chief Technology Officer leading technical development, security research and operations for NopSec. Michelangelo holds numerous professional certifications in information security including CISSP, CISA, and CIA, and is a frequent speaker at information security events around the country.

Michelangelo Sidagni

With the turning of the leaves and the first cold fall nights, usually at NopSec it means that the 2017 edition of our annual State of Vulnerability Risk Management Report is due. This year we are particularly excited because we collaborated with the exploration of a potential threat intelligence source and also our partnership with the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team… Read more

Tags: otx, threat intelligence, nopsec

One of the biggest digital security threats that businesses, governments, and consumers all face is ransomware. What makes ransomware especially offensive is its capacity to inflict extensive damage in an incredibly short space of time, and the difficulties in remediating an infection.Ransomware is a type of malware that deliberately interferes with the standard operation of a computer until a… Read more

Tags: ransomware, user training, backup, prevention

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