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Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy

is CEO and co-founder of Barkly, the Endpoint Protection Platform that delivers the strongest protection with the fewest false positives and simplest management. Prior to founding Barkly, he led OpenPages to become the leading provider of GRC solutions for the enterprise, acquired by IBM in 2010. Before OpenPages, he was General Manager for Intel’s wide area networking business, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Shiva Corporation, and led sales and marketing for internet pioneer, BBNPlanet. Mike has been the recipient of the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

January 3, 2018 | Mike Duffy

Fileless Attacks are Driving Up Security Complexity & Costs

If you feel like it’s getting harder and more expensive to protect your company from cyber attacks, you’re not alone. From streamlined startups to global enterprises, organizations in every industry are feeling the crunch as the threats they’re facing rapidly evolve.The Ponemon Institute’s 2017 State of Endpoint Security Risk report provides a…

November 13, 2017 | Mike Duffy

Busting 5 Myths About Fileless Attacks

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and we’re currently seeing a growing number of cyber criminals making a fundamental change in the way they carry out their attacks. Rather than installing executable files via phishing that antivirus solutions can easily scan and detect, they’re utilizing exploits, scripts, and otherwise legitimate administration tools to run malicious code…

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September 18, 2017 | Mike Duffy

Machine Learning Myths

“Machine learning” is the new “it” buzzword in security. As a result, it’s being thrown around fairly loosely on vendor websites and in marketing materials. Not only is that unfortunate for anyone looking to get a straight answer on how machine learning can help their company stay more secure, it is also fostering a…

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