Ori Arbel

Ori Arbel

CYREBRO Smart SOC Manager

Ori has over 8 years of hands-on experience in information security, IT, and leading technological projects.

In 2016 Ori became head of CyberHat’s Cyber Defense Center (CYREBRO), developing and managing CYREBRO ongoing operations. Providing 24/7 coverage and cyber solutions for international clients in 5 different languages, Ori incorporates not only technical management of cyber and IT security related systems for clients, but also combines relevant cyber intelligence capabilities in multiple foreign languages with Incident Response and Forensic Management. Prior to CYREBRO management, Ori formed CyberHat’s IT department and was CyberHat system administrator. As systems administrator, he was responsible to establish the foundations of the company’s infrastructure and technological aspects which included both hands-on and architectural design of the network/infrastructure layout.

Prior experience includes working for HP Israel as the head of QA & Software implementation. Ori led the quality assurance department for both manual and automated projects, all at state level, for example; the legislative branch of the Israeli government (Knesset) and the Israeli Correctional Facility (ICF).  Alongside quality assurance responsibilities Ori also lead the new software implementation division which included hands-on implementation and live technical support.

Ori’s military background includes extensive experience in IDF Cyber warfare division.


November 1, 2018 | Ori Arbel

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