Rich Langston

Rich Langston

Rich Langston is a lifelong veteran of the information security wars. His initial introduction came in the late 1980’s when the ARPANET network he was responsible for at his part-time college job was completely down because of an insecure default configuration (/.rhost anyone?). Since then, he has helped create security products as diverse as Network Access Control, Full Disk Encryption, and network security at companies such as Cisco, Extreme Networks, Symantec, and Aruba Networks. When not trying to save the world, or blogging about it, he’s an avid road cyclist

November 15, 2018 | Rich Langston

Defending Against Zero-Day Attacks with AlienVault USM Anywhere

IntroductionRecently, an AlienVault customer reached out to ask how AlienVault handles the detection of  zero-day attacks, which are exploits against previously unknown vulnerabilities. In this blog, I shed light on how we approach this.Modern security products rely on some definition of threats, whether that definition is as specific as a signature that identifies a unique strain of…

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