Rocky Vyas

Rocky Vyas

My Name is Rocky. I am currently a Graduate student in Chicago studying Cyber Security. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and jumped right in into my Graduate program. After my Senior year, I was lost in what career path to take so I took a year off. It took me the gap year to finally pursue my love and hobby in Computer Science as a career and ultimately complete my undergrad degree. Since I was young, I was hacking and breaking apart my PSP and that became what pushed me to like tech as a hobby. Now I look to combine both fields to better understand how organizations can stay secure against Cyber Adversaries. Aside from CyberSec, my hobbies include reading books, Baseball, and collecting vintage video games. I am in love with all things CyberSec and am still at the start of my career. I hope you follow my journey in the field. You can add me on LinkedIn, follow my blog on Twitter and check out my other blogs on my Wordpress!

October 4, 2017 | Rocky Vyas

A Psychological Approach to Cyber Security

Hey, everyone! Here is my blog on approaching Cyber Security from a psychological perspective. I consider this intersection to be the marriage of a non-technical field to a technical field. I hope you enjoy the blog and be sure to check out my Twitter page @hackrmanblog and my site for more of my blogs! -Rocky, @hackrmanblog…

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