Rohan Viegas

Rohan Viegas

Rohan Viegas is Product Manager for VMRay. His responsibilities include product roadmap planning, project management, and technical collateral development. Rohan’s prior experience includes a stint with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise where he managed a portfolio of products, including network management and security software.

December 27, 2018 | Rohan Viegas

How Malware Sandboxes and SIEMs Work in Tandem to Effectively Detect Malware

Rohan Viegas of VMRay explains some of the key factors IT security teams should consider when evaluating a malware analysis sandbox and whether it’s a good fit for their existing SIEM environment. He then outlines how VMRay Analyzer complements and enhances the capabilities of AlienVault’s flagship platform, USM Anywhere. For IT security organizations, malware threats and…

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