Ryan Clancy

Ryan Clancy

Ryan Clancy is a Senior Consultant with Delta Risk. He has more than 15 years of experience in the information technology and cyber security domain providing consulting services, hunt operations, threat intelligence, cyber exercises, enterprise defense assessments, and training in defensive and offensive network security operations. His areas of expertise include network security architecture, incident response, and programming.

April 5, 2018 | Ryan Clancy

5 Key Questions You Need to Ask Your MSSP

Managed security services providers (MSSPs) are increasingly popular. The new report, “Security Advisory Services Market by Service Type – Global Forecast to 2022,” indicates that the security advisory services market is expected to grow nearly 20 percent annually from USD $5.77 billion in 2017 to USD $13.57 billion by 2022.There are several factors driving an increase in MSSP demand, including the…

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