CryptoParty at Austin OWASP

January 30, 2015 | Kate Brew

One of Edward Snowden's first moves involving going around the NSA was to attend a CryptoParty in Hawaii. Not that we are anything like Edward Snowden, but we went ahead and had a CryptoParty at our Austin OWASP chapter meeting on 1/27/15. Here is a recording of the event

We did not have cupcakes, but we did have Taco Deli.

First speaker was Phil Beyer, speaking on VPN. He demo'd tunnelling to access his corporate network. @pjbeyer

Second was David Ochel speaking on Public Key Infrastructure, Electronic Signatures and how Man in the Middle (MITM) works. He also gave an overview of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) @lostgravity

Then Brian Boettcher spoke on Tor. @boettcherpwned

Followed by Bankim Tejani speaking on File and Disk Encryption. One fun-fact: when your computer is on, even if in "sleep" mode, your full disk encryption doesn't fully protect you, because your data may still be accessible to a compromised OS. @BankimTejani

Then Josh Sokol spoke on the combination of technologies that still frustrates the NSA in full control over your privacy, including ZRTP. @joshsokol

It was a big crowd and everyone seemed to have a great time! We are already planning CryptoParty 2016!

More on Austin OWASP Chapter here.

Kate Brew

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