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AlienVault® AlienApps™

AlienApps extend the threat detection and security orchestration capabilities of the USM Anywhere platform to other security tools that your IT team uses, providing a consolidated approach to threat detection and response. With AlienApps, you can monitor more of your security posture directly within USM Anywhere, including your cloud services like Office 365 and G Suite. AlienApps also enable you to automate and orchestrate response actions in security tools from vendors such as Cisco and Palo Alto Networks, greatly simplifying and accelerating the threat detection and incident response processes.

AlienApps are different from USM Anywhere data plugins. Plugins have a singular function to translate raw log data into normalized events for analysis by USM Anywhere, but AlienApps do much more, including collecting and enriching log data, performing threat analysis, and providing workflow that coordinates response actions with the infrastructure and third-party applications to provide security orchestration.

AlienApps™ extend the capabilities of USM Anywhere through integrations with leading security tools, most specifically in the following areas.

  • Data extraction
  • Correlation of data to produce events and alarms
  • Special AlienApp data dashboards that help you visualize your environment and alert you to issues originating from a particular data source

    You can then explore these in more depth in the USM Anywhere Event Details or Alarm Details pages.

  • Orchestration ability that enables you to automate your security operations in a variety of ways

    For example, if USM Anywhere finds data associated with a malicious website, orchestration rules might stipulate that this information be sent to a third-party database for an external product.

    Edition: AlienApp orchestration features are available in the Standard and Premium editions of USM Anywhere.

    For more information about the feature and data support provided by each of the USM Anywhere editions, go to

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