AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

The AlienApp™ for Jira

The AlienApp for Jira streamlines incident response activities by automatically opening Atlassian Jira issue tickets in response to threats detected by USM Anywhere. Upon execution of the action, USM Anywhere generates the Jira issue ticket and passes the associated information to that ticket. It supports the Jira Service Desk and Jira Software products, which provide issue and project tracking for software development, systems, and business teams.

With a configured AlienApp for Jira connection to your Jira Cloud instance, you can simplify the response execution process for threats identified in USM Anywhere.

Edition: The AlienApp for Jira is available in the Standard and Premium editions of USM Anywhere.

Go to for more information about the feature and data support provided by each of the USM Anywhere editions.

Important: The AlienApp for Jira integration works with Jira Cloud deployments only. Jira Server (self-hosted) products are not currently supported.

Warning: If the AlienApp fails and there is a message to inform you that it has not been loaded, please contact the AT&T Cybersecurity Technical Support department to solve the problem.

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