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Verifying the AlienApp for Sophos Central Collection Jobs

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After you configure the AlienApp for Sophos Central and have a successful connection, you should verify that the scheduled collection job(s) are enabled. For each deployed sensor, USM Anywhere includes two out-of-the-box log jobs to support AlienApp for Sophos Central data collection. You can view these jobs in the Job Scheduler page and make sure that these jobs are enabled for the sensor where you configured the AlienApp for Sophos Central.

To verify the Sophos Central collection jobs

  1. Choose SETTINGS > SCHEDULER to open the Job Scheduler page.
  2. In the Filter by option at the top of the list, enter Sophos to filter the displayed list for the Sophos Central app jobs.

    Use the Filter by field to display only the Sophos Central jobs

  3. Locate the jobs you want to verify for the collection of events and/or alerts.

    If you enabled both data collection options in the AlienApp for Sophos Central configuration, you should verify both collection jobs for the sensor. If only one of these options is configured, you can verify the one that matches the selected option.

    • Collect Sophos Central alerts
    • Collect Sophos Central events

    Scroll to locate the Spophos Central log collection jobs

    Jobs that are currently enabled display the green icon ( ).

  4. If one or both jobs for the sensor are not enabled, click the disabled icon ( ) to toggle it to a green icon.