AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

About USM Anywhere Upgrades

USM Anywhere upgrades occur automatically as new versions become available. The upgrade is transparent, requires no action on your part, and runs in the background.

The upgrade process begins when the USM Anywhere Sensor first tries to connect to USM Anywhere in the AlienVault Secure Cloud. If there is an upgrade available, the download and installation begins.

You do not need to reconfigure a Sensor or restart it after an upgrade.

Warning: The VMware sensor and Hyper-V sensor require all five Network Interface Cards (NICs) to be enabled. The USM Anywhere upgrade will fail if not all five NICs are associated to some network (active or inactive).

You should connect each of the additional NICs to any additional network you want to monitor, or to a dead or inactive network. Do not configure the additional NICs to the same Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) port, because this will cause duplicated events.