AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

Deleting an AlienVault Agent

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst   Manager

USM Anywhere enables you to remove the link between an asset or several assets from the AlienVault Agent that is offline. At the same time, the offline Agent is deleted.

Important: After two hours of inactivity in an Agent, its status goes to offline. After five days, USM Anywhere displays a message to unassociate the assets from the Agent.

To remove the link between an asset and an Agent

  1. Go to Data Sources > Agents.
  2. Main Agents page with the message for removing the link between an asset and an agent

  3. Click Unsassociate.
  4. Click Unassociate Asset.
  5. Unassociate Asset from Agent popup window

    The link between the asset and the Agent has been removed and the offline agent has been deleted.