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Running Queries from the Agents Page

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To run a user-initiated agent query from the Agents page

  1. Navigate to DATA SOURCES > AGENTS.
  2. Main Agents Page

  3. Click Run Agent Query.
  4. The Run Agent Queries popup window displays.

    Run Agent Queries popup window

  5. Select a query in the Action field
    • Get file information. Get information from the file specified in the first parameter. You must include the file path of the file.
    • Get network connection information. Get information from a network connection based on the remote address (first parameter) and the remote port (second parameter). You must include the port and the IP address.
    • List listening processes. List the processes with listening sockets.
    • List logged-in users. List the current logged-in users.
    • List network connections. List the current network connections.
    • List running processes. List running processes.

    Important: The Get network connection information query is only available for the Linux agents.

  6. Click Run.