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The Vulnerabilities Dashboard

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If the dashboard does not contain information and there are not detected vulnerabilities, click Run Authenticated Vulnerability Scan to run a scan to detect asset vulnerabilities. See Running Authenticated Asset Scans.

Vulnerabilities Dashboard

Widgets in the Vulnerabilities Dashboard
Widgets Description
Most Vulnerable Assets List of most vulnerable assets in your environment
Vulnerabilities by Asset Groups List of most vulnerable asset groups in your environment
Vulnerabilities by Severity Pie chart displaying, in percentages, the severity of vulnerabilities, which can be Low, High, and Medium. See About Vulnerability Severity
Top Active Vulnerabilities by Severity List of the top active vulnerabilities by severity. You can see the CVEThe CVE system provides a method, using CVE IDs, to reference publicly known information security vulnerability and exposures in publicly released software packages and environments. Identifier, its severity, and the affected assets. See About Vulnerability Severity
Latest Scan Jobs List of the 5 latest scans run in your environment. It includes the scan date and the number of vulnerabilities found
Scan Jobs History Graph that displays the total number of vulnerabilities produced in the current month