AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

Sensor disconnected from the USM Anywhere Service

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst Manager

USM Anywhere informs users in a management role by email when a sensorSensors are deployed into an on-premises, cloud, or multi-cloud environment to collect log and other security-related data. This data is normalized and then securely forwarded to USM Anywhere for analysis and correlation. has been disconnected from the service.

If a sensor disconnects after connecting it to the USM Anywhere service, you will receive an email notificationCommunication of an important event, typically through an email message or other desktop display. In USM Appliance, notifications are typically triggered by events, policies, and correlation directives, and in USM Anywhere, they are typically triggered by notification rules or directly from alarms.. This notification will be received at the email address you used to sign into USM Anywhere and it will inform you that your sensor is not connected. You can immediately take action to restore your service either by working with AT&T Cybersecurity Technical Support or by making an environmental, network connectivity change.

Note: If USM Anywhere detects a sensor as being disconnected for several minutes, a disconnection notice will be issued within an hour of the disconnection. The notification will be generated on a daily basis until the sensor is reconnected. After seven days, the notifications will no longer be issued.

Once your sensor reconnects, you will receive an email notification, so that you will know that your service has been restored without having to continually loginLog in (verb): Process in which an individual gains access to a computer system after providing sufficient credentials to authenticate their unique identity. Login (noun): User credentials, typically a username and matching password. to the product and check the sensor connection status.