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Performing Vulnerability Scans

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In USM Anywhere you can run

Running an Asset Scan from Vulnerabilities

  2. Click New Scan.
  3. Select the asset(s) you want to scan
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Create New Credentials for creating a credential and/or click Assign Credentials for assigning credentials to the assets/devices you want to scan. See Managing Credentials in USM Anywhere for further information.
  6. Click Select Another Target if you want to come back.
  7. You can select the target(s) to scan if you have more than one.
  8. Click Start Scan.
  9. The scan starts. Depending on the selected asset, the scan can last several minutes. When the scan finishes, you can see the status and if the scan found vulnerabilities. If you want to view the results of your scan, you need to go to the asset details page, see Viewing Assets Details.

  10. Click Continue Scanning And Close.
  11. While the scan is running, a Scanning button shows. When the scan finishes, the message Scan finished. Refresh to view scan results displays.

  12. Click Refresh Scan Results to update the list.