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Sharing Report Templates with Other USM Appliance Servers

Version: 5.x
Deployment: All deployments

For customers with more than one USM Appliance server (typically MSSP's or those operating in a federated environment), you can share report templates from one USM Appliance installation to another by following the instructions below:

Note: For these instructions, we will refer to 'USM Appliance Server 1' as the USM Appliance server that contains the original report template. 'USM Appliance Server 2' is the USM Appliance server that you would like to share the report template with.

  1. In the web interface of USM Appliance server 1, go to Reports > USM Appliance Reports.
  2. Find the report that you'd like to share and click the 'Export' icon.
  3. Enter a password and click OK. The password that you enter in this step will be used to upload the report in USM Appliance server 2. The report will be saved as an .avr file (.avr = alienvault report).
  4. In the web interface for USM Appliance server 2 (the server you would like to share the report to) and go to Reports > USM Appliance Reports.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Import Custom Report' link. This will open a light box where you can choose the file.
  6. Choose the .avr file that you downloaded and enter the same password you chose in step 3. Click Import.
  7. The new report will now appear on your list of reports to use.