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SNMP Configuration in USM Appliance

Version: 5.2 and later
Deployment: All deployments

This topic describes how to configure SNMP in AlienVault USM Appliance version 5.2 and later.

  1. Connect to the AlienVault Console through SSH and use your credentials to log in.

    The AlienVault Setup menu displays.

  2. On the AlienVault Setup main menu, select Jailbreak System to gain command line access.

    Select Yes when prompted. You will be in the root directory.

  3. Edit /etc/ossim/ossim_setup.conf and change snmpd and snmptrap to "yes".





  4. Restart all services for changes to apply:

    alienvault-reconfig -c -v -d

  5. Download any MIBs you need and place the files in the /usr/share/snmp/mibs directory. Use a .txt extension for the filename.

    The following MIBs are good candidates:

  6. Restart the snmpd service or restart all services again:

    ​alienvault-reconfig -c -v -d