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How to Verify Disk Space Usage in USM Appliance

Version: 5.x
Deployment: All deployments

This topic describes how to verify disk space usage in the AlienVault USM Appliance.

On occasion users may be concerned about their disk apace usage and may need to verify the reported figure in the USM Appliance web interface with the figure obtained from the console.

Web UI

1. Go to Configuration > Deployment > AlienVault Center and open the System Details.

2. Check the Disk usage for the USM Appliance:



1. SSH to the USM Appliance and you will be presented with the AlienVault Setup menu.

2. Select "Jailbreak System" and select "<YES>"

3. Check the available disk space using the "df -h" command:


At times, these two figures may not match exactly.

This is a known issue and is caused from rounding the percentages in the UI.

The more accurate figure is the figure obtained from the Console.