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Known Issue: Availability Reports Provide Incorrect and Inconsistent Information

Reported Version: 5.2.2
Deployment: All deployments
AlienVault Ticket ID ENG-103349


In AlienVault USM Appliance, when availability monitoring is configured for an asset(s), that asset's current availability can easily be found by going to Environment > Availability or by going to Environment > Assets and Groups and by filtering for assets with Availability Status Up or Down.

Sometimes Availability Reports provide inconsistent information, or are not working as expected, generating inaccurate or not-useful availability reports.

For example, when running the availability report, the majority of the results show a status of "Indeterminate" 100% of the time even for the USM Appliance Server itself. The report uses an "Assumed Host Status: Current State" but shows this as "Indeterminate" even though the assets are clearly up when viewing Environment > Availability or by filtering in the Assets & Groups page.


There is currently no known workaround.