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How to Set Location with No Internet Connection from Computer

Version: 5.x
Deployment: All deployments

In AlienVault, when accessing the USM Appliance web UI from a computer without internet access, functions that depend on external resources, such as the Location parameter on an asset, will not be available. The web UI will check for internet access by trying to connect to If it isn't able to, it will assume there is no internet access and will not try to load external content.

We can force USM Appliance to try to load external context even if there is no connection to the internet. This will result in some areas of the web UI such as the map view not populating, but it will still allow you to type in a location, or latitude and longitude for an asset.

To change the configuration, go to Configuration > Administration > Main and select the USM Framework tab.

Here, you will find Internet connectivity.

  • If the option is no, USM Appliance does not load the external libraries, and it will not be possible to set location for assets.
  • If the option is yes, then USM Appliance checks for internet connectivity, but if there isn’t any, you will not be able to set location.
  • If the option is Force Yes, USM Appliance will try to load, and will allow you to set location even if there is no internet connection.

Select Force Yes and click Update Configuration.

You will have to log out of USM Appliance and then log back in for this change to take effect.