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Known Issue: Not All OTX Pulses Are Downloaded to USM Appliance

Reported Version: 5.3.5
Fixed Version 5.4
Deployment: All deployments
AlienVault Ticket ID OTXP-2005, ENG-105374


AlienVault has noticed recently that some USM Appliance installations fail to download the full list of Open Threat Exchange® (OTX) pulses. For example, in one instance, USM Appliance only downloaded 61 pulses while the full item count was 751.


AlienVault has confirmed that this was caused by an issue in OTX, which has been fixed. Unfortunately, USM Appliance cannot restart the download without re-connecting to your OTX account.

To force USM Appliance to download the OTX pulse again

  1. Login to the USM Appliance web UI.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Open Threat Exchange.
  3. Make a copy of your OTX Key. You will need to use it later.
  4. In the ACTIONS drop-down, select Remove OTX Key and confirm when prompted.

    Configuration > Open Threat Exchange > Remove OTX Key

  5. Enter the OTX Key you copied in Step 3, and click Connect OTX Account.

    USM Appliance will start to download all the pulses after the connection succeeds.