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AlienVault® USM Appliance™

Edit a Ticket

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ AlienVault OSSIM®

To make changes to a ticket

  1. Go to Analysis > Tickets and search for the ticket you want to update.
  2. Select the ticket by clicking its ticket number or its title within the list.

    A new page displays that allows you to view the ticket's details and edit the ticket, delete it, or add a comment to it.

    • Edit it — Use the pencil icon under Action at the upper right-hand corner.

      Tickets page from Analysis.

      Changes can consist of the following:

      • Status (open, closed, assigned, studying, waiting, testing).
      • Priority (low is 1 and 10 is high).
      • Transfer the ticket to another administrative user.

    • Add a comment — For example, you can describe actions taken on the ticket.
    • Delete it — Use the trash bin icon under Action at the upper right-hand corner or click the Delete Ticket button farther down on the page.
    • Subscribe to it or unsubscribe from it — Follow any updates to this ticket by selecting your name from the list box and clicking Subscribe or Unsubscribe.
    • Link Existing Document — Link an existing file with relevance to the ticket.
    • New Document — Create a new file to go with the ticket.
  3. When finished, click Save Ticket.
  4. After USM Appliance saves the changes, you see each new entry displayed in the lower half of the Tickets page.

  5. If you delete a comment or make any other changes, click Save Ticket again.