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Viewing Vulnerabilities Details

The vulnerabilities details page provides in-depth information on a vulnerability and provides easy access to the vulnerability within the related deployment. When you use this feature to access the vulnerability at the deployment level, you can perform further investigation, as well as execute actions to address it.

To view the details of a vulnerability

  2. Click the vulnerability to display its details.

    Note: To the left of an item, click the star symbol to mark it as a bookmark for quick access. Clicking the icon on the secondary menu shows the bookmarked items and a link to them.

  3. Click the Full Detail link to expand the vulnerability details.

    You can click the link in the deployment field, which opens the details of the vulnerability inside the specific deployment.

    It also displays the asset(s) related to the vulnerability. You can click the ellipsis icon () next to the asset to go to the full details of the asset in the specific deployment.

    Click the Export as Report Icon () to export vulnerabilities. See Exporting Vulnerabilities for further information.

  4. In the upper right corner, click previous and next to go between items.Click the icon to close this popup window.