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"CentOS Update for libsmbclient CESA-2014:1008 centos6" is a false positive


New Life Form
      A CentOS 6 system is incorrectly identified as vulnerable to this issue.  This is due to a typo in the original advisory, which is listed as:

      The typo in the subject line incorrectly refers to CentOS 6, rather that CentOS 7.  The links in the post clearly point at CentOS 7 rpms (each rpm filename includes el7).   The author realized his mistake and sent out a correction less than 2 hours later in the following post:

       Please update the checks for this to reflect.

       Thanks! Rich

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    We are going to remove the version 6 from our feed after our security research team dug into your feedback further, thank you for sending up.


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