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OSSIM updates removing firmware-bnx2


New Life Form
I have OSSIM installed on a Dell R510 and it has been working quite well. However, every time the system is updated, the firmware-bnx2 is automatically removed. Other .deb packages I've installed do not seem to be removed (like check_mk agent, our internal monitoring tool.) I'm wondering if there is some sort of internal blacklist of that package or something. Obviously, it's less than ideal to have to reinstall that firmware package every time I update, and quite annoying if the update reboots the server, causing it to boot to a broken network configuration.

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  • edited August 2017

    I have filed a request to engineering to have them look into why they are reloading modprobe on update, as well as to request adding support for the NetXtreme adapter series.

  • Hello,
    I was just wondering if you'd heard anything or if there is a suggested workaround. At this point I'm seriously considering some pretty hacky solutions like a post apt script or a cron job or something else silly like that.
  • I've also noticed some packages are uninstalled after OSSIM updates itself. I need to keep on reinstalling lsb-release as I use "lsb_release -c" in my device management script. 
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with bnx2-firmware and this big issue is not yet resolved.
    After a fresh install, the network card does not mount any interfaces (no connectivity). After installation of the https://packages.debian.org/fr/jessie/firmware-bnx2 package, it works except that an ossim-update remove the package for a deprecated reason...

    Please correct quickly...


  • Ok, so this is pretty dumb, but since it appears we aren't going to get a real solution for this anytime soon, I have a workaround. The package firmware-bnx2 appears in a list of deprecated packages that ossm-reconfigure automatically removes. So, what if it wasn't firmware-bnx2?
    1. mkdir tmp
    2. To extract the package, do dpkg-deb -R firmware-bnx2_0.43_all.deb tmp/
    3. Open tmp/DEBIAN/control and change the Package: line from firmware-bnx2 to something else. I used firmware-bnx2-sthap but it doesn't matter as long as you call it something else.
    4. Repackage with dpkg-deb -b tmp firmware-bnx2-sthap.deb
    5. dpkg -i firmware-bnx2-sthap.deb

    Once again, I do not feel good about this solution, but given no other reasonable choice, it works.

  • I had the same problem for about a year.

    I gave up on loading OSSIM on hardware. 

    I now drop VMware on the box and then install OSSIM as a guest. Makes life a lot easier. Plus if you need to do major kernel updates, you have access to the console.

    Plus I have found I can build a couple of sensors and the OSSIM server on one server as long as I have a few extra network ports.
  • I understand that approach and had considered it, but I personally can't justify having to maintain two operating systems for a single server (I've found in my environment, OSSIM is a big resource hog and I had spare servers just lying around.) It just irritates me because there's a documented way to add non-free firmware during the setup process, which implies this shouldn't be a problem. I also like keeping any security or logging related servers on their own hardware, to keep a hypervisor compromise from taking out potentially useful forensic data.
  • Just bumping this as having recently re-purposed a bit of hardware to evaluate OSSIM (5.6.5), this has been a real nuisance. Thanks @Jasonvw for the workaround above which has done the business, but surely this needs to be properly addressed in the platform.

    (Like you Jason, we presently follow a similar approach to this re. our SIEM/Ops monitoring and keeping them separated on their own hardware)

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