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OSSIM is not supported Plugin Builder?


New Life Form
hi, all:
OSSIM is not supported Plugin Builder?

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  • I believe it should be.  Can you explain further what you are seeing and what version you are on?  Are you above 5.4?
  • OSSIM Version: 5.4.1
    The Use Web Plugin Builder not work.

  • @AlienVault Team , can we expect fix on next update ?
  • This still hasnt been fixed
  • Got the same. :(
  • Same here, cannot upload any file, tried from 2 different boxes, 3 different browsers.  Would be nice if this would work.
  • To clarify this, there is a request for adding plugin builder to OSSIM as functionality, but at this time, plugin builder is extended functionality written for USM. This option is not supposed to display in OSSIM at this time.
  • that sucks It shows up and after you get your hopes up you find out it is only for the paid version. The plugin builder would really help community support for coming up with plugins. I would like Alienvault to come up with an easy to use community based plugin system kind of what Splunk implemented so to allow a knowledge sharing amongst the users. 
  • ... I fully support what bcarty said in December!

    BTW: I'm also annoyed as it took me some time to find out that this functionality is only available in USM but not in OSSIM - why is there a error message that does not clearly state that this functionality is NOT available in OSSIM?
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