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Where to download the OSSIM source code?


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Where to download the OSSIM source code?

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  • edited September 2015 Answer ✓
    tojeiro, tatiana, paul_psmith,

    Ronakb's answer was correct in 2013. Many updates have happened in the last few years, including providing a better link to the source.

    The link to the source code is prominently displayed near the bottom of the product page.

    The link is titled "Download the Source Code" and provides the MD5 underneath the link.



  • Where to download the OSSIM source code?
  • Please search the forums. This question has been answered in several other posts in the last couple of years.

    Ossim is built as a standalone appliance. There is an ISO that you can use to install it on bare metal or as a virtual machine.

    It comes with Debian and has been built this way because there are so many tweaks to the OS and different versions of the other applications it uses, that you cannot hope to install from source code.

    It uses free versions of Suricata, Snort, prads, and others. And each is highly dependent on the version installed.

    Sorry they don't provide a source version.
  • Hey Kcoe.

    From what I have seen in the past, it was not available. It seems this new location is fairly recent.

    Yes. I saw that last week or so and downloaded it. I even made a mention in a couple of posts I made in the last few weeks.

    However there is no documentation on how to use it. At least not from what I could find. Can you point us to the documentation for it?

    I did find one document in the ISO that talks about adding repositories and using apt to install, but it is way out of date. As are many other things in the ISO. 

    Can you provide documentation?
  • Paul,

    The source was originally stored on assembla and provided upon request. We switched from assembla a few years ago, maintaining the request model. We added a direct a direct download link in 2015 in order to simplify the delivery as much as possible. 

    With regard to documentation, I have requested a copy of the current documentation/instructions from the product management team.
  • I just noticed that the OSSIM source code has been uploaded by several chaps to GitHub. https://github.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=ossim

    Open Source rulez! Fork or die!
  • Tojeiro,

    Those sources look awfully old, the newest being late last year. Why not grab the current version of the source code right from the website?

  • Because basically, you loss the benefits of using an actual proper "version control system for software development", meaning that you loss the habiloty to create, and maintain your custom patches, modified code branches, etc. Please find additional pros here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)

    Not using GIT for distributing the code of a major Open Source project such as OSSIM nowadays could just mean one of the following two posibilities:

    a) Nobody is taking care of the Open Source OSSIM release, neither the Free Software workflow and philosophy is understood by the managers.

    b) It is done on purpose, which by the way, also implies that the above point.

    I'm sure that you guys would fix this ASAP and I would bet you're already working on that :-)

  • where can we find documentation on how to use/install the source code found on https://dlcdn.alienvault.com/alienvault-ossim.tar.gz ?
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