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What online tools/ web apps do you find useful?


New Life Form

As with the other thread that details how different people will investigate an IP address, i'm interested to hear what free web tools/ sites you use as part of general day to day work.

For example, the SSL test at  https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ is really good for scanning a server to see what ciphers are being used, and

MXToolbox (https://mxtoolbox.com) has a variety of really useful tools.

Please share the free tools (this could be applications, but primarily websites/ web apps) that you find useful...

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    Hello @moon,

      This question might be best suited as a general question to the forum users.  AlienVault Technical Support Engineers assist with resolving issues pertaining to active issues on the AlienVault USM // AlienVault OSSIM, we cannot assist with validating compromises on your network.  My active, daily routine does not consist of looking up IP address to determine its reputation (safe or malicious); however the sites you have already mentioned (MXToolBox) are a great resource to determine the validity of a threat. 
       In addition to MXToolBox, you should consider looking in to AlienVault OTX; a real-time, community driven threat-exchange. With AlienVault OTX you can integrate it to AlienVault USM // AlienVault OSSIM and actively monitor your network using Indicators of Compromise. If you have not signed up for OTX, I encourage you to sign up and have a look :: 


    - kratos
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