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USM Anywhere 2017-09-12 Update


AlienVault Employee

We've updated USM Anywhere with the defect fixes listed below. The USM Anywhere service and Sensors are updated automatically so you do not need to take any additional actions for the update to take effect.


ATLAS-11573  CSV export fails - The export file cannot be created when you attempt to export a high number of issues

ATLAS-11459  Delay between receiving and viewing events in the UI

ATLAS-11179  Asset number information inaccurate in Dashboard Overview section

APPS-474  AlienApp for Darkweb Monitoring fails to verify showing status as unverified

ATLAS-10507   Group scan shows as timed out yet debug shows all assets scanned

Threat Intelligence


AR-972   Update Windows rules to use new status fields

AR-905   Enhance Palo Alto plugin to support Correlation log type


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