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OSquery plugin not collecting all events?


New Life Form
We're trying to make use of osquery as a FIM and it doesn't look like all events logged by osquery are getting received or parsed by USM Anywhere. Has anyone run into this before or have any suggestions on what to look for?

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    Checking case records, it appears that support addressed this for you via the open case.

    For Other readers on this post, the best method for requesting a plugin for USM Anywhere is to either complete the plugin request for as described in the doc linked below, or to contact support to request the plugin. 

    Once the plugin team receives the necessary data, they can look into adding or extending support for the device you are requesting.

    You can also contact support to notify us of apps or features which you would like to see ing the product, and we will forward your request to the product management team for review.


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