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privat key import bug [OSSIM]


New Life Form
While importing totally valid openSSH private key, got such error:
"A valid private key is required"
the problem is in the /usr/share/ossim/www/vulnmeter/webconfig.php

in this place:
  166                        $file_arr = @file($tmp_private_key);
   168                        foreach ($file_arr as $line)
   169                        {
   170                            if (!preg_match("/^\-+begin\s[a-zA-Z]+\sprivate\skey\-+$/i", $line) )// BEGIN
   171                             && !preg_match("/^\-+end\s[a-zA-Z]+\sprivate\skey\-+$/i", $line) // END
   172                             && !preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z0-9\+\/\=]+$/", $line)) // Base64 string
   173                            {
   174                                $_private_key_error = TRUE;
   175                            }
   176                        }

"170           if" never will be TRUE in such condition. every regex will be true, but not the all together.

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  • I've found the problem.
    if the key file has CR+LF chars at the end of the lines, parsing isn't correct and you will get the error "A valid private key is required"

    CR+LF at the end is common for Windows created files.
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