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Scanning times out browser


New Life Form
I am testing this software and created a VM with 2 cores and 8G of memory.  So far setup went fine, once I increased the memory to 8G.  The interface initially came up with only 3 devices, my host machine, the vm, and the gateway.  I attempted to scan the entire address range, and it gave me a estimated time of 1 hour to complete the scan.  10 minutes later the pop up window that displayed the progress bar and time said that it had timed out, and I could not refresh the page or reload the page, my browser would no longer connect to OSSIM.  I restarted apache but that did not help.  Any idea what happened and how to fix?

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  • edited October 2017
    Hi Aaron 

      You might have to restart the ossim and narrow the range of the scan to individual interfaces and ip range consistent with what is in your network for instance if the server you are hosting from is in a data centre the ossim will fetch assets that are around your network this can result in a high number of assets and could be too much for the system.

    Hope this helps I am going from past experience during our setup.
  • I have around 20 devices on my home network.  I am hoping to deploy this to a site with over 200 devices.  I upped the memory to 16G I would hope that this system would be capable of a medium sized office.  If not, what is the recommended number of assets?  Even if it were the number of assets, this occured around the 6% mark of a simple scan, with only 16/256 possible assets scanned, so I do not think it is number of assets causing the issue.
  • With only 20 devices this would not cause the issue you describe 16gig memory is enough could you tell me what processor you are using as you should allocate 8 cores but this is based on the USM please see the below link for vm specs.

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