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Unable to log into WEB UI after install


Entry Level
Having an issue here:

I've successfully installed the version 4.2 .iso on a VM. Install was fine, no errors that I could see. I then go to the Web UI and fill out the initial information (name, admin pwd, etc). After that I get to the Web UI login screen. When I enter the pwd (the one I just set for the admin user on the last page), and click 'Login', I get nothing back; it just resets the login page, no error, no nothing. On the off chance the root user would work there, I tried that too, but nothing.

I've also built a VM with the version 4.1 .iso, thinking it might have been a 4.2 issue, but I get the same exact result on the UI login page.

Anyone have any idea on this? I've found nothing obvious in the forums or in the documentation. 

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