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New OTX Service! Reputation Monitor Alert


AlienVault Employee
edited October 2015 in General > Intergalactic Hang Out
Hello there! 
 Last week we announced a free service called OTX Reputation Monitor Alert and I wanted to invite those on the Forum to participate. 
Essentially, we’re taking all the goodness from OTX in terms of IP and domain reputation, and using that infrastructure to help organizations track the public reputation of their own assets, IPs and domains.

It’s really easy to sign up… all you need to do is enter your the IPs and domains you’d like us to monitor.  Everyone who registers will also receive our monthly threat intelligence newsletter. 

 In case you’re wondering what kind of alerts we are providing for your IPs and domains… here’s the list: 
• OTX IP/Domain Match - we will alert you when you show up in the OTX Reputation Database
• Presence in Pastebin/Pastie - we will let you know if you show up in what looks like someone targeting you or data exfiltration
• Presence on a DNS Blacklist - we will monitor popular blacklists and let you know if you show up
• DNS Registration Update – we will check the DNS records and let you know if there is a change.   
 SSL Certificate Update – we will monitor your SSL cert and let you know if it changes.

 You can check out this video for more information, and you can sign up here.

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