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Broken email after 5.4.3


New Life Form
After updating a client's USM Appliance to 5.4.3, the email forwarding feature has broken, and we are no longer receiving any alarms.  We aren't seeing email actions to forward alarms or specific events, or even just emails sent after vulnerability scans.

Has anyone else experienced this or found a fix for the issue?  Never had an issue with this before 5.4.3.

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    Looking at case history since the release of version 5.4.3, the only issue logged for email issues is for a USM Server being rejected by the destination mail server due to an unrelated setting on the mail server. 

    You may want to check the logs /var/log/mail.* for error messages, or open a case with support so that we can look into this for you.


  • Client had created a rule to send themselves specific events, the rule was sending so many emails that it was being stopped as "spam" by the filter we set up as the mail server relay.

    Thank you for your help kcoe!
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